D5 Clothing Collection Kit




Every Sexual Assault situation is different and various scenarios will determine the type of evidence that can be collected from a patient in search of the perpetrator’s DNA.

The D5 Kit deals with collection of Clothing from the sexual assault patient. The purpose of collecting the clothing of the victim is for analysis to be done by the SAPS Forensic Laboratory to collect samples of evidence that may have been deposited on the clothing, which may assist to connect the perpetrator with the alleged assault through DNA analysis of the samples.

D5-Dr-and-bagThis D5 Kit contains everything required for collecting clothing. It also contains the necessary “Chain-of-Custody” tracking information as well as “Tamper Seals” and Packaging for delivery to the SAPS Forensic Lab.

As this kit only focuses on the collection of clothing from your patient, evidence found on the genital area or other parts of the body should be collected with other Evidence Collection Kits used for Sexual Assaults.

Other kits that can be used along with D5 Kit are:

  • D1 Adult Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit – Collection of body fluid evidence from the patient’s genital area.
  • D2 DNA Evidence From Body Collection Kit – Body Fluid, such as blood, semen, saliva that have been left on the body by the perpetrator.
  • D3 Reference Hair Samples – For the collection of both scalp hair and pubic hair

This D5 Reference Hair Collection Kit is supplied to Medical facilities courtesy of the SAPS Forensic Unit on a Patient-by-Patient basis as a way of building forensic evidence in the criminal case your patient has reported.

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  • Collector Medical Doctors
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