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D1 User Guide Manual


D1 is one kit in the full collection of the Body Collection Series

D1 is primarily a genital sample collection kit for patients 12 years of age or older.


The kit contains all the forensic evidence collection items required for a medical practitioner to collect the suspected perpetrator’s samples from the ano-genital area of a patient.

  • Two duplex paper bags are included for the collection of the patient’s panties and, a sanitary pad if one is worn.
  • An evidence collection box is included in the kit for the collection of a tampon.
  • Three cotton tipped swabs are packed for evidence swabbing.
  • A vial of sterile water to moisten the swabs.
  • Used swab samples are to be placed in the three Easi Swab Store boxes supplied.
  • All required tamper evident seals and evidence sealing bags are supplied.
  • Desiccants to keep the collected samples dry.
  • A documentation form is included for record keeping.
  • A quick reference instruction pamphlet is also included.

How do I obtain a kit to use?

Some hospital facilities pre-order D1 kits and carry them in stock. If your facility does not carry stock of any of the Body Collection Series, you will receive your kit needs from the SAPS. Usually a police Officer will deliver the required kit or kits at the same time the Officer brings the patient to your facility.

If you require an examination kit and the kit/s were not supplied by the Police Officer, it is recommended that you immediately phone the SAPS Officer and ask for urgent delivery of the kit/s you require.

About this User Manual

The D1 Adult Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit contains a fairly basic 2 page Quick Reference User Guide as a simple reminder of the steps required to perform the evidence collection from the patient during the examination.

This Acino Kit  User Guide Manual goes into the process in a lot more detail and is supported with lots of detailed photographs and covers general topics of forensic evidence collection such as:

– what to look for regarding body fluid evidence,

– dealing with your patient,

– the psychological effects of rape

and includes a very clear step-by-step process of using the kit.

This User Guide Manual is ideal for first time users of the kit, but it also ideal for those who want to broaden their knowledge around evidence collection, crime scene forensics or the effects rape has on both the patient and the doctor.

This User Guide Manual has been developed to be viewed on the internet, on a tablet or on your cell phone. If electronic devices are not available to all who require access to the User Guide, a downloadable PDF version is available to registered users and may be printed.