DC Swabbing Evidence Collection Kit

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The current DC Swabbing Evidence Collection Kit (box) is now being replaced by the new and improved DC Swabbing Evidence Collection Kit in a toughened bag.

This new heat-sealed bag is designed to simplify the evidence collection process by reducing the content of the kit.

As investigators now carry items such as Evidence Markers, Rulers and Protective gloves with them, as standard investigative tools, these items are not included the new DC kit.

  • The new DC Swabbing Kit only contains two cotton tipped swabs which may be used to collect two separate biological samples or one Touch DNA sample using the Double Swabbing technique.
  • The new DC Swabbing Kit contains a water vial to moisten the swab when required.
  • The kit also contains an Instruction Leaflet
  • Documentation
  • 2 x Easi Swab boxes and protective sleeve for the swabs
  • And all the necessary Tamper Evident Seals and Evidence Collection Bag.
  • Client SAPS Forensics
  • Collector Crime Scene Investigators
  • Availability Old kits still in use
  • ICN Number 6550T05019944
  • visit