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New video for Dry Saliva Swabbing

Some aspects of forensic evidence collection can be very difficult to describe in words, for example, what to look for when taking a swab from saliva. Saliva becomes virtually clear and invisible when dry and without clear direction from your assault patient can be extremely difficult to find. This video has been produced to give you a look at how saliva dries on the skin, what to look for as well as the swabbing technique required.

Saliva takes quite a long time to dry (a few hours), so these examples have been sped up in the video to show you what actually happens.

If this type of information proves valuable to your evidence collection performance, we will add more video’s to the Acino Kits website. The next videos planned are for dry blood and semen identification.

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Drying saliva on skin from Acino Kits on Vimeo.