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New User Guide Format

In the past, each evidence collection kit contained a User Guide booklet to give users as much relevant and useful information as possible. Depending on the complexity of a particular kit, these user guides could get rather bulky.

As an example, the previous D1 Adult Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit user guide was a 270 page booklet and was inserted into each and every D1 kit, meaning that if one doctor used 5 kits per week, they would be collecting and discarding 5 booklets per week or 1350 printed pages per week and in a world that has become so electronic, we felt it was time to go green and reduce the amount of paper waste we are generating.

So the new User Guide format for each kit is now electronic and can be viewed on your cell phone, your tablet or off the internet and for those who prefer a paper-base User Guide, you are able to download a printable PDF file from this website. There is still a printed User Guide inserted into each kit but it is now a drastically scaled down, quick reference overview, that gives the key steps of how to use the kit.