DD Containers and Catch Papers Evidence Collection Kit

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The current DD  Containers and Catch Papers Evidence Collection Kit (box) has now been replaced by the new and improved  DD  Containers and Catch Papers Evidence Collection Kit in a toughened bag.

This new heat-sealed bag is designed to simplify the evidence collection process by reducing the content of the kit.

As investigators now carry items such as Evidence Markers, Rulers and Protective gloves with them, as standard investigative tools, these items are not included the new DE kit.

  • The new  DD  Containers and Catch Papers Evidence Collection Kit  contains 2 Cardboard Box Containers packaged in a Brown Protective Sleeve and  2 Catch Papers which may be used to collect items that may contain DNA Evidence from the crime scene.
  • Documentation
  • And all the necessary Tamper Evident Seals and Evidence Sealing Bag.
  • The kit also contains an Instruction Leaflet

Where required this DD Kit should be used with

  • DC Swabbing Evidence Collection Kit – For the collection of samples from a crime scene.
  • DE Bags Collection Kit – For the collection of items containing possible DNA Evidence samples found on a crime scene.


  • Client SAPS Forensics
  • Collector Crime Scene Investigators
  • Availability New kits now available
  • ICN Number 12345678
  • visit