DB DNA Reference Sample Collection Kit



With this DB Kit a Police Officer’s  contribution is a key success factor in ensuring that the forensic evidence is correctly collected that can in turn ultimately lead to the prosecution of the perpetrator or the exoneration of the wrongly accused.

The new foil bag in which the DB Kit is supplied has been produced as a stand alone kit.  The new foil bag is heat sealed, the bag is tough and resistant to basic tears and damage.    The kit deals with samples from the within the mouth area called Buccal Samples.  This kit is used to provide a sample to which another DNA sample could be compared, providing either a match or non matched sample.

This new heat-sealed bag is designed to simplify the evidence collection process by reducing the content of the kit.


  • The new DB DNA Reference Sample Collection Kit  contains 1 Buccal Swab
  • Documentation
  • And all the necessary Tamper Evident Seals and Evidence Sealing Bag
  • The kit also contains an Instruction Leaflet
  • Client SAPS Forensics
  • Collector Medical Doctors and Police
  • Availability DB Kit Now Available
  • ICN Number 6550T05009943
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